Moving Traffic Violations

     Moving violations are very numerous and perhaps too numerous to attempt to itemize as this site is launched. These moving violations are mainly found in the "Rules of the Road", Chapter 6 of Title 40 of the Georgia code. I will attempt to add more as the site is further developed.

    Set out below are violations that are commonly prosecuted against non-commercial drivers in Georgia. Commercial drivers can find related information on the link located on the Home page of this site. 

   General provisions:   

O.C.G.A 40-6-2 - Obedience to persons directing traffic

O.C.G.A. 40-6-10 - Proof of Insurance

O.C.G.A 40-6-14 - Limits on Sound Volume on Instruments from Vehicle.

O.C.G.A 40-6- 20 - Obedience to Traffic Control Devices

O.C.G.A 40-6-40 - Vehicle to drive on right side of Roadway and Exceptions

O.C.G.A 40-6-42 - Overtaking and passing

O.C.G.A 40-6-43 - When overtaking and passing on the right permitted.

O.C.G.A 40-6-46 - No-passing zones

O.C.G.A 40-6-49 - Following too Closely



O.C.G.A 40-6-70 Vehicle approaching or entering intersections

O.C.G.A 40-6-72 - Stop signs and yield signs

O.C.G.A 40-6-73 - Entering or crossing roadway

O.C.G.A 40-6-74 - Operation of Vehicle on approach of Emergency Vehicle

O.C.G.A 40-6- 75 - Highway Construction vehicles and personnel

O.C.G.A 40-6-76 - Funeral Processions


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