Minor Offenses

      To use the term minor may be somewhat misleading as any crime under the degree of felony is a misdemeanor. However some infractions are looked at somewhat differently than others by different courts. It may be that the matter is so common or un-harmful that the court may only give a token fine, a suspended fine or no fine at all. Remember, there are no guarantees that all judges at all times will feel the same way about the differing factual situations.

     These are some of the case where the likelihood of needing a  lawyer is minimized unless there are aggravating circumstances in the case. Here are a few examples:

    40-76-10- No proof of Insurance- Insurance was in effect but not on person-     Be sure and bring proof to court.

    40-8-76.1.- Seat Belt violation- Adult

    40-2-8 - Tag violation- Be sure and have purchased the required tag by    the time you go to court.