How to Win


    There is a pathway to the successful handling of most traffic cases, that when followed, can lead to a point along the road where a judgment and punishment consistent with meeting the needs of justice and the career, pocket-book and driving record of the offender can meet. The result of that meeting can be sometimes surprising. The guide for the driver who travels along this legal pathway almost always has a license to practice law. It's rather like some other sports: it all depends on the results you want to achieve. Some people try to cast for fish with poles all in an effort to a few fish for supper. Other folks come late, fish with treble hooks and have caught the legal limit before noon.

     The best advice I can give is to hire an experienced traffic law lawyer. Traffic law is a specialized area of law, don't expect every lawyer to be competent to deal with some of the more difficult issues of your case. Ask your lawyer who he might hire to represent him if he were charged with a traffic offense?

     Someone "local", is good if the matter is minor and the lawyer can influence the judge in your favor. Fees are always negotiable and should never be based on the amount of the fine. If on the other hand the matter is serious like a DUI, habitual offender or the like, you might want consider more of a specialist in that area.

     You should be thinking about driving records, point assessment and insurance when you consider hiring an attorney. The state always makes a fine just below what legislators think a person charged might pay for a lawyer to defend the case. That way the state and county optimizes it's chance for a quick buck off of you.