Guilty Pleas


Georgia code 16-1-5 provides that every person is presumed innocent until proved guilty. No person shall be convicted of a crime unless each element of such crime is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

    A "Guilty" plea to traffic charges is not much different than a Guilty plea to other criminal charges except as it relates to the consequences. There are several crimes of a more serious nature where one could plead guilty and NOT receive as serious a consequence as one might receive in some traffic offenses. There are many civil punishments such as suspensions of driving privileges in many traffic offenses that would never occur, in most serious crimes, even a felony.  

     Defendants who plead guilty or who are convicted under this article  are required to serve their sentences in such manner as is provided for by law in misdemeanor cases. In case a fine is imposed and paid, the officers of court, where on fee basis, shall first be paid their costs arising in such case.