Common Mistakes Driver's make when stopped

The # 1 worst mistake of a driver when he or she is stopped is to argue with the officer about his observations and reasons for the stop. While the officer may be completely wrong, YOU will not be the one to convince him. Arguments and disputes should be reserved for the courtroom. By the time he has stopped you he has already invested enough of his own emotional energy in your case to hold his ground. Arguing with the officer is a sure way to assume as note on his citation of your lack of "cooperation" That could be considered an "aggravating circumstance" causing an enhancement of the fine or sentence later in court.

    Another common and harmful mistake to make when stopped by an officer is uttering spontaneous statements of an apologetic nature. It is not necessary, not does the officer expect any apology for the actions that prompted  the citation or stop. You may want to contest the basis of the officer's decision later in trial. It will make it much more difficult if he has noted you admissions in his field notes. Just be polite and stand or sit quietly while the officer writes the citation. You will have an opportunity to speak at a later time when it might just do some good.

    A huge mistake commonly made by driver's who have consumed alcohol and have been stopped is co-operating with the officer as he asks for the driver to go through their dog and pony show called field sobriety exercises to see if they are "ok" to drive! Don't do it, for you will surely fail as the officer knows. Much, much more more is discussed about this at subject and other ways of avoiding a DUI conviction at