Commercial drivers know the road. You are professionally trained, professionally paid and most of you conduct yourselves as the driving professionals that you are. I have been blessed to represent some of the best trucker's organization in the country over the years, including:

TVC Pro-Driver, Inc.- Oklahoma, City, OK

Interstate Truckers, Inc.- XXX, WA

American Truckers, Inc.- XXXXX


    After having handled hundreds of traffic cases for professional drivers, I am still amazed how many drivers have failed to learn and apply the basics of driving courtesy, caution and care. Some of these drivers simply forget the rules. The judges I deal with are split in their philosophy about CDL's. Some are forgiving, to a point and willing to try and protect a trucker's job. Some have little or no respect for the jobs of professional drivers who ignore the laws, especially where excessive speed is concerned. For example, on a case recently, a CDL from N.C. needed desperately to get the speed reduced to save his job. The judge gave him what he needed and then fined him $1,200.00 with surcharges with instructions to get back in his truck and turn on his CB and let every other trucker he saw that the judge was tired of being "blown off the road" on the way to traffic court by truckers on the expressway! How would you like to be the NEXT case where speeding was an issue!

    With radio lookouts as part of daily life on the road and talk between drivers at stops along the way, there should be little reason not to know where NOT to be stopped. It's just profitable to stay informed. So, check back often, and I'll try to keep you informed of events as they come to me in areas that I serve throughout Georgia.